A brand worth buying

Needed one of these and found the sale price buying direct with Huepar was much cheaper than Amazon or other brands. Bonus was that it also got shipped from their US warehouse!

A niche product perhaps, but some Ozbargainers might be cheap but insist on hanging all their pictures perfectly aligned and level. You never know.

Note that delivery from their US warehouse is entirely down to stock levels which I have no clue about. Mine was shipped from NJ.

Check out the Huepar site for all the details but the 603CG is fairly powerful (up to 33ft range) a 360 degree range for the lasers and also comes with pulse mode. So you could also get a receiver now or later for those outdoor jobs like a deck, concrete slab or fence that require leveling over a long distance.

Fairly decent reviews that I have seen.

This is my product display image, I also authorize huepar to serve as an advertisement

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