How To Use a Laser Level For Laying Tiles?

Laying floor tiles is one of the deceptively easy tasks. Yes, it looks difficult and a bit overwhelming for a DIYer to accomplish.

But if you follow right steps and use the right tools, especially with a laser square (or a tile laser level), you can do it with ease.

Now, before we move on to tile installation process, let’s take a look at the necessary tools and materials needed to accomplish the task.

Steps On Installing Floor Tiles
Step 1: Measuring Your Floor
Step 2: Prepare Your Floor
Step 3 (Optional): Install Cement Backer Board
Step 4: Undercut Door Jambs
Step 5: Mix Up Thinset Mortar
Step 6: Alignment Tiles With a Tile Laser Level
Step 7: Install Tiles Along The Wall
Step 8: Fill The Joints With Grout
Step 9: Clean Grout And Apply Grout Sealer

Tips On Laying Tiles With A Laser Level
Some tips on laying tiles are:

Before you start tile installation, you should do a test to figure out the best layout. You can do this by laying tiles in the middle of the room. If you have some bold patterns in mind, this is the time to try it.
For safety purposes, you should go for floor tiles with rough or textured finish as the glossier ones are liable to get slippery when wet.
Always buy more tiles than you need to cover up any breakage or mistakes. The general rule is to buy ten percent more tiles than needed.
Always mark the border tiles after measurement to make sure you cut it right.
Tips on how to use a laser level for tile laying process:

For best accuracy, you have to ensure the laser square is placed on a flat surface.
If you are working in a large room, you should move the laser square ahead as you proceed with work.
As you might have noticed my friend, laying floor tiles is simple and straightforward work. However, you have to be patient and focused while doing it. Even a single mislaid tile can mess up whole work.

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