How to use the Self-leveling Mode and Manual/Tilt Mode of Huepar S04CG/S04CG-L laser level

Huepar Laser Level is almost the only tool on the market that incorporates Bluetooth technology. For example, connect S04CG Laser Level with Free Huepar APP via Bluetooth Technology, users can control the laser tool by Mobile phone. The laser tool can connect two phones at the same time, whether on Android or IOS.

S series is one of the most benefit laser level on the market, which is appreciated and shared by most professional engineers and DIY lovers.
Today we will share some basic functions and easy operation methods of huepar S series laser level.

There are two mode in our all laser tools: Self-leveling Mode and Manual/Tilt Mode

Self-leveling mode is help to automatically adjust the tools to the horizontal and vertical states.

Manual/Tilt Mode is help user position the laser tool at various angles.

 Huepar S04CG Self-Leveling 4*360-Degree Cross-Line Laser

Side the pendulum to the Unlocked Position, the self-leveling mode is activated by default.

At this time, you will see the self-leveling mode icon unlocked on the screen and the laser beams on.

you will see the indicator light on and the laser beams on.

If the self-leveling range over ( 3.5 °+ 1° ), the laser beams will blink fast and beep as well.

Slide the pendulum to the Locked Position to turn OFF the laser tool.

Keep the pendulum in Locked Position, press ON/OFF switch and hold for more than 2 seconds to tum ON/OFF the laser tool.

When you see the locked on the screen in S04CG (the indicator light on in S04CG-L) and the laser beams on, the manual mode is activated by default.

In Manual Mode , when all laser lines are switched OFF as well as the LCD is still ON , the laser too will Automatically Turn OFF after about 5 minutes of inactivity.

After turned ON the laser tool , all laser beams will be on by default .
· Short press horizontal switch to switch the horizontal lines .
· Short press vertical switch to switch the vertical lines. 

short press ON/OFF switch to switch/return to Pulse Mode,The icon of the screen will be on and off

short press ON/OFF switch to switch/return to Pulse Mode,the blue indicator will be on and off. When exiting pulse mode, the blue indicator will change the color of the indicator according to the current state.

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