Is A Spirit Level More Accurate Than A Laser Level?

It is good to compare laser level vs spirit level before deciding on the best tool. There are some projects such as installing tiles. Celling and other applications where you need to measure the level before proceeding with the installation project. To check out the features available on the leveling tools is essential. The laser level tends to be highly accurate. You will find it more reliable when involved in projects that require a high level of precision. The spirit level is less accurate but will work in areas where you would like to save on cost.

What Is a Laser Level?

It is an electronic device that emits visible laser beams that can be used to determine the level of a surface. They can also be applied to show the plumb of a given surface. The laser beams come in green or red and can be shot at the horizontal and vertical axis. There is a need to ensure the surfaces are level during construction projects. Application of the level makes it easy to determine the level of a given surface.

What is a Bubble Level?

It is also referred to as a spirit level. A water level can be applied to determine whether the surface is horizontal. You can also apply it to determine whether the surface has a plumb. The bubble comes with a frame that houses a vial. The vial can be made out of liquid or water. There is an air bubble in the liquid. It indicates a surface level when the bubble is spaced between the liquid level.

Laser Level vs. Bubble Level: What Are the Differences?

Before you can determine the difference between the bubble level and the laser level, it is essential to check out the different features available on the levels. For example, they tend to vary based on their applications. The level of accuracy and the power consumption.


There are four main types of laser levels. You can get the rotary laser level, line laser levels, dot laser levels, and combination levels. The bubble levels come in several designs. You will be overwhelmed by the different levels available on the laser levels. The laser levels are more versatile than the different types of bubble levels.

Possible Applications

The bubble levels are used in simple applications. For example, you can apply them when building a cabinet to check the level of the stands. You can apply them to identify wall plumb. The bubble levels are used in small applications, but the laser level is applied in long-distance applications. For example, when working on a ceiling installation, plumbing walls, window heights, installing rails, landscaping projects, and surveying projects. You will always achieve a high level of accuracy after you get the tools.

Overall Accuracy

The bubble level achieves a high level of accuracy. If you want to get a level that achieves the highest level of accuracy, then you need to turn to the laser levels. You will find them applied in areas that require a high level of accuracy possible.

Calibration and Ease of Use

The bubble levels are easy to use. If you want to calibrate them, you can always find them easy. On the other hand, laser levels are highly sensitive electronic devices that require careful handling during calibration. You need to be careful when calibrating them.


The bubble levels will rely on the user’s speed. It is a manual tool that will be affected by the user. The laser level is operated electronically. You will achieve the highest level of accuracy after you decide to apply it. It operates very fast.


The bubble levels tend to be more durable than the laser levels. The laser levels come with several moving parts that can easily break if not handled well. Take good care of the laser levels because they come with several sensitive parts. The moving parts in the laser levels make them delicate items that require special handling.


The laser level apply the latest technology. They are available in different models, but generally, they will cost less than laser beams. The laser levels can cost several times more than the bubble levels because of the technology applied in making them. You will be prepared to pay more for the laser level.

Power Consumption

A manual bubble level will not require connecting to a power source. A laser level will apply power to produce the beams. The power is obtained from batteries. You will be required to incur more costs in buying batteries. It is also a concern when you are in the middle of a job, and the batteries die off. you will apply the bubble level in any location without worry of power, and it will serve you

Long-Distance Levelling

You will find the laser levels more reliable when applying them over long distances. For example, they can be applied to shoot beams over long distances where you intend to apply the beams. If you are looking forward to buying leveling tools to apply over long distances, you will find the bubble levels less useful. They need close contact with the surfaces before achieving the perfect results in your leveling process. Get the high-quality laser levels, and they will shoot beams that will do the work of leveling the surfaces easy.

Which one should you use?

When considering laser level vs spirit level, you need to check out the job where you apply the levels. If it requires a high level of accuracy, then you will be better off if you decide to choose the laser levels. For the case of large-scale operations, you will go for a level that can measure losing distances. For example, you can opt for the laser level to get the level details of a large area. The levels come in different designs that require careful consideration when taking measurements of the level. Small jobs can be performed using bubble levels.


The idea of checking out laser level vs spirit level is necessary to decide on the right tool. You will find the laser levels very effective in applications where fast operations are necessary. The laser levels are highly accurate.

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