Laser Level APP

Operating Principle of Laser Level APP

Laser level APP is a very practical measurement application which provides you a more convenient way to measure the vertical angle and determine the accurate horizontal plane. It relies on the wireless bluetooth  communication technology to connect the laser level with the mobile phone. As a server receiver, the laser level will receive the control signal of the mobile phone to set up the functions and achieve the operations.

Huepar Laser Level APP

Huepar laser level APP is used to control the Huepar laser light switch of the machine, which has a many functions to provide a more convenient using experience to users. The Huepar laser level APP can control the laser settings from the entire room through a Bluetooth connection, which can switch the laser line and pulse mode on/off, and select the laser plane. Huepar laser level APP also provides over-limit alarm function. One laser tool can connect two Bluetooth devices at the same time. Main funcitons of Huepar laser level APP are as follow:

  1. Smart Pendulum Lock Status
  2. Bluetooth Connection Status
  3. Laser Tool Status Reminder
  4. Switch ON / OFF all laser lines in one click:
  5. Battery StatusDisplay
  6. The composition of laser lines
  7. Bubble Level
  8. Different compositions of different laser lines
  9. Switch ON/OFF the pulse mode

Products that can Connect to the APP

Huepar Laser Level S Series: It is a 12-line 3D self-leveling laser level which can project 3×360°horizontal/vertical laser line in green or red laser beams. It has a LCD screen on which it will display the status of battery, angle, pendulum and pulse mode. You can select one 360°horizontal and two 360° vertical laser lines through the separate H and V buttons on the keyboard. With the smart pendulum, the laser level will automatically level when the pendulum is unlocked and indicate the situation beyond the level. When it exceeds the self-leveling range of ±3.5°, the laser level tool will beep. Once the pendulum is locked, it will switch to manual mode to lock the line for use at any angle. The pulse mode extends the laser range to 200ft. This series of laser level tool uses a large-capacity lithium-ion battery (which can be easily purchased in the local market) to extend the running time, and has a strong magnetic bracket which can be quickly positioned to the metal surface, helping to hang the laser level on the wall.

Laser Level APP - huepar

Huepar Laser Level P Series: It is a 3×360°self-leveling laser level which can project 3D laser beams for three-plane leveling and alignment. It is a 12-line laser level tool with a horizontal 360°plane, two vertical 360°planes, which can cover the floor, wall and ceiling around the room. It can turn on/off  the pulse mode through Bluetooth connection, and use the Huepar laser level APP to select the laser plane. This self-leveling laser level adopts Osram’s laser unit, which is resistant to temperature changes and has higher stability. The green beams is twice as bright as the red beams. The working range of this series of laser level is up to 130ft, and the accuracy is within 33ft. The laser level is equipped with a large-capacity lithium battery, providing 10 hours of running time, and a Type-C charging interface, making it possible to be charged by mobile phones, laptops, portable power bank, car chargers, and so on.

Popular Laser Level APPs on the Market

Currently, there are mainly laser level apps of the following brands on the market.

BOSCH: Bosch Toolbox APP is suitable for electricians, gardening and landscaping, industrial, metal workers, plumbing and HVAC engineers or carpenters and masons in the construction industry. The APP allows you to use report forms to track and calculate project time, project journeys, tasks, and materials, and create memos. You can use the measuring camera to measure the distance and length of objects for your project. It aims to make professionals more efficient in their daily lives.

Laser Level APP

RYOBIThe RYOBI Phone Works APP can provide you with a better way to manage your home improvement projects. It enables you to measure, align, calculate, check, level, and position with unprecedented confidence and functionality.

Laser Level APP

Download Huepar Laser Level APP

There are three ways for you to download our APP. 

Method 1: Scan the following QR code

Huepar Laser Level APP

Method 2: Search “Huepar” in iPhone App Store or Google Play

download Laser Level APP

Method 3: Click the link:

Laser Level APP download

Connect the laser level to the APP:

Step 1: Download Huepar APP/APK

Step 2: Turn on Bluetooth on your phone

Step 3: Power on the laser tool

Step 4: Open Huepar APP/APK software

Step 5: Complete the Bluetooth match and connection with the laser tool

  • If the connection fails, please exit the APP/APK software and restart the APP/APK software to restore the connection.
  • The laser tool can connect two phones at the same time, whether on Android or iOS.

Step 6: Click “P Series” to enter the operation interface

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