The Best Laser Levels for Keeping Your Frames and Cabinets Straight

Whether you’re mounting new kitchen cabinets or simply hanging a few picture frames, it’s important that your workpieces are level and straight. These laser levels are easy to use, and deliver the accuracy and precision you need.

If you plan on doing any kind of construction or DIY project that requires straight or plumb lines, you don’t want to eyeball it. While traditional bubble levels are fine for small jobs, more precise laser levels are necessary for larger projects, like laying out a wall of artwork, or mounting cabinetry and shelving. The colored laser beams projected by these handy tools provide a consistent, easy-to-see reference onto whatever surface you’re working on, whether it’s a wall, floor, or ceiling. Plus, unlike bubble levels, they don’t need to be held in place, keeping both hands free while you work.

What to Look For

It’s important that you have a rough idea of what you’ll be using your laser level for before you buy one, otherwise you can end up spending hundreds on a commercial-quality level tool you don’t need, or a basic model that won’t deliver. For most residential DIY projects, a standard line laser(huepar BOX-1G) should suffice, but if you’re going to be tackling larger-scale projects, you may want to spring for a 360-degree laser(huepar 603CG). If you plan on working in harsh or outdoor environments, choose one with an IP54 rating or above, which will ensure that it can stand up to most water and dust damage.

How We Chose

 When selecting the laser levels for this list, we did our best to make sure there was an option for everyone, regardless of skill level or planned use. We also kept pricing in mind, providing options for those on a budget, as well as higher-end models for those who require maximum precision.

Huepar 603CG This budget-friendly model is a great choice for those interested in light-duty indoor projects, and can either be fixed to a tripod, or—thanks to a magnetic bracket—mounted to a metal surface. Multiple Line Switching Modes can be Selected Freely Accordingly: 360° Horizontal Line mode, one 360° Vertical Line mode, Two 360° Vertical Lines mode, 360° Horizontal&360° Vertical Lines mode.Meet the use of multiple home decoration scenes, quickly and effectively save time.
This laser tool utilizes the included large capacity lithium battery which is compatible with Samsung SB-L110 battery and an holder for installing AA battery for using the tool.This laser tool can be used at job site with direct input charging even if take out the battery.Charging protection help prevent the tool from overcharge, and the straightforward controls make it easy for beginners or amateur DIY-ers to set up and use right away.

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