What is A Rotating Laser Level

What is a rotating laser level

rotating laser level is a device that indicates horizontal or vertical levels or other construction points by means of a continuous 360 degree laser arc. This continuous light is projected onto walls, floors or other structures to facilitate marking building heights or aligning different components mounted at the same height. A rotating laser level differs from a conventional laser level in that it projects a laser reference in a 360 degree arc. Instead of individual line planes, the reference line can be projected onto all walls or floors and ceilings of a space at the same time. Now you know what is a rotating laser level, let’s learn about its pro and cons.

Benefits of using a rotating laser level

The rotating laser level is primarily used in the commercial construction industry because it allows the level reference to be projected onto all interior surfaces. This laser reference can be projected horizontally, vertically or at any preset angle. Although rotary laser levels are also useful in the do-it-yourself or DIY field, their size and cost limit their versatility for home use. A standard single reference laser level is more suitable for DIY use.

Another benefit of using a laser level is that the reference line always stays on top of the work surface, making layering structures easier. Rotating laser levels have the added advantage of a 360 degree projection arc that covers the entire interior area from a single projection point. This makes marking out supports, paneling or any architectural element surrounding more than one wall of a room much easier than using any conventional level. This feature extends to both space planes and adds considerable flexibility and a high degree of accuracy to building measurements.

How to use a rotating laser level

Ideally, a rotating laser level should be used with a laser level tripod, but any stable and level surface will suffice. Most devices are self-leveling, so the setup is not difficult. Typical units also have a warning feature that alerts the user if the unit moves or exceeds the level during operation. Rotating laser level units are available in standard red diode models and a new highly visible green variant that is easier to see in bright light conditions.

Disadvantage of rotating laser level

The only real disadvantage of a rotating laser level is that the unit tends to be more expensive than a static laser level. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to purchase a reasonable product for the DIY enthusiast. However, it may be an essential piece of hardware in any construction team’s arsenal, and the results are far superior to static laser levels and other conventional level reference methods.

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