What Tools Do Construction Workers Use

What Tools Do Construction Workers Use

For more than 3 million years, humans have relied on tools to facilitate successful projects. The construction industry uses many tools because most things in the industry cannot be done with bare hands. When you are working in the construction industry, you will need a tool to facilitate the successful completion of your project. This post looks at various construction worker tools and how the construction workers use them.

Safety tools

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that the construction industry is among the top 10 most dangerous land-based jobs. In 2019, BLS reported that there were 41 800 workplace injuries resulting from hand tools. Therefore, every construction worker needs to have safety tools as part of their kit.

There are various safety tools in the market. They include;


Gloves protect your hands from injuries, cuts, chemical burns, or abrasions. Manufacturers make these gloves from hard leather, Kevlar, or mail metal. In 2019, according to BLS, there were 23,000 injuries resulting from tool slipping; hence, the gloves need to have an excellent grip to avoid some of these injuries.

Safety Glasses

Safety glasses serve the purpose of protecting your eyes from harmful particles. If you are working in a place where the work exposes you to radiation, you need to get these glasses. The safety glasses have thick glasses that are larger (cover half of your face) than the regular glasses. The glass-makers curve the glasses ensuring that the debris, spray, or light does not contact your eyes.

Hard hat helmet

The hard hat helmet is the most necessary tool out of all the other construction worker tools. The hard hat protects you from head injuries that may result from objects overhead falling on your head. The hard hat also has other functions;

  • Protecting your head from electrical shocks because the helmet has insulating materials; plastic and fiberglass.
  • It may have a face shield, especially if it is designed for welders

Some helmets may have goggle features, and you may not need to purchase safety glasses. The helmet has suspension material; hence, there is a considerable gap between your head and the helmet, and once an object falls on your head, the impact is low.

Steel-toe boots

Your feet are also susceptible to falling items and nails around almost every construction site. Your regular boots, therefore, won’t help on a construction site. It would be best to have specialized boots that manufacturers have reinforced to protect your feet from falling objects. Steel toe boots are boots to get if you don’t want to have nails puncturing your foot.

Respirator mask

If the construction work exposes you to harmful air contaminants, please consider investing in a respirator mask. Harmful particles might affect how you work, and you should invest in a respirator mask to block these particles. In some job sites, having a respirator mask is compulsory, for example, if the construction involves working with asbestos.

Drilling tools

Another unique set of construction worker tools you may need are drilling tools. Some of the unique drilling tools you may have at your workplace include;

Drill driver

A drill driver makes holes in surfaces such as plastic, metal, and wood. It operates by spinning either clockwise or anticlockwise. You may also use a drill driver to secure fasteners on some surfaces.

Ground auger

A ground auger is a specialized tool for removing dirt from the ground. It is faster than a shovel and the most ideal for making holes in the ground.

Hammer drill

A hammer drill is almost the same as a drill driver but has an additional hammer mechanism. The hammer mechanism makes it ideal for making holes in hard surfaces such as concrete and rocks. You can also turn off the hammer mechanism to use it as a regular drill driver.

Hand tools

There are hand tools that almost every construction worker will use as they work. They include;


It is a heavy hammer similar to a maul. It has a heavy metal hand attached to a long wooden handle. You need a lot of strength to use the tool. It helps the construction worker drive nails into surfaces and also helps break or destroy large objects into pieces.


Another hand tool is a saw. There are two types of saw; chain and hand saws. Saws are designed for cutting wood. The tools are made from materials such as bronze or steel. The difference between a chain saw, and a hand saw is that a chain saw is operated by power while a hand saw is not power-operated.


A crowbar is another hand tool, and it performs the function of removing nails and forcing open crates or separating objects. A crowbar is a metal bar with different designs on each end, with each end performing a different function.


Screw drivers help in screwing and unscrewing screws. These screwdrivers come in various sizes because also the screws differ in size. Find a screwdriver offering variety in size to facilitate your screwing and unscrewing tasks in your HVAC system and thermostats.

Technological tools

There are innovative tools that make work more efficient in the construction industry. These tools use the latest technology available, making the construction worker’s work easier. They include:

Cordless technology tools

There are specific battery-powered tools that construction workers use to make their work easier, save time, and achieve better results in their workplace. These tools are; impact drivers, framing nailers, and heavy-duty tools.

Digital measuring devices

Many construction workers consider digital measuring devices to be very accurate. A construction worker can quickly measure the square footage and perform many other measurement requirements with these devices. There are many digital measuring devices in the market, and some of the best options you can consider buying include;

*Huepar Laser Distance Meter Range Finder LM100A. It is an affordable, effective tool. It is accurate and can measure distances of up to 330 feet. Also, it is portable and small enough to fit into your pockets.

* Mulwark 16ft digital tape measure. It is a battery-operated tape and laser measurement tool. It can measure different lengths depending on how you program it.

* eTape16 digital tape measure. It is pretty affordable, easy to use, and intuitive. It is also portable, but unfortunately, it doesn’t have a measuring laser, unlike the others.

Bottom Line

When you are a construction worker, you cannot operate without tools. The first gear should have is the safety tools to ensure you are not a victim of construction injuries. Always carry handy tools because they can be helpful in many scenarios. Finally, please consider investing in technological tools because they are more effective than standard ones.

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