Huepar AT2 – Laser Level 360° Rotating Base Adapter

THREE ROTARY KNOBS FOR ADJUSTMENT: The micro rotary knob tripod for laser level enables users to make 360°adjustment. The X rotary knob and Y rotary knob can be used to adjust horizontal position while working.

Product Description

  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE and BUILT-IN HORIZONTAL BUBBLE: Users can adjust the height by rotating the three legs of the adapter even on a tilt surface.The Built-in Horizontal Bubble View Level can help you adjust the angle and accuracy.
  • 1/4 INCH MALE THREAD AND 5/8 INCH THREADED MOUNT: 1/4 inch male thread is suitable for any type of tool that comes with a mount size of 1/4 inch. And 5/8 inch threaded mount makes it possible to be attached to a tripod or other tool for use.
  • DURABLE DESIGN: This adapter features, durable design for bearing heavy loads and can withstand wear and impact of the job-site.
  • WIDE APPLICATIONS: AT2 adapter can be connected to any device that features a male thread as well as Huepar, 622CG/R, 621CG/R, 8211G, 8300G, 902CG, 901CG, 9011G, 9211G/R, GF360G/R,Box-1G/R, B21CG laser level.

With advanced laser level technology, Huepar is committed itself to providing solutions for a wide variety of applications of greater accuracy and precision. Shop tripod for laser level at Huepar store now!

Huepar AT2 Specifications: 

  • Item weight: 380g
  • Item size: 130*109*94mm
  • Adjustment: 360 Degree, Horizontal Position, Height Adjustment
  • Material: aluminum
  • Thread Mount Size: 1/4 inch male thread for laser level, 5/8 inch female thread for tripod

Huepar AT2 Features: 

  • Enables you to make a 360 ° turn adjustment
  • Allows horizontal fine tuning of the X-axis and the Y-axis
  • Made of durable aluminum, the construction site withstands wear and impact
  • Suitable for tools with 1/4 “thread mount like laser level, telescope etc.
  • Ideal for laser level brands: Huepar, Leica, Hilti, Dewalt, Stanley, Bosch etc.

Compatible with: 

  • Compatible with all Huepar cross line lasers and all devices with 1/4 “-20 female thread at the market
  • Compatible with Huepar Cross Line Laser Level 901CG / 902CG, 621CG / R, 622CG / R, GF360G / R, 602CG / R, 603CG / R, 9011G / 9211G, Box-1G / R, 8211G / 8300G / B21CG
  • Suitable for laser levels of Huepar, Leica, Bosch, Hilti, Stanley, Dewalt, Tacklife etc.
  • Multi-directional setting:
  • This practical accessory tripod for laser level features fine adjustment of the laser line for positioning.
  • With the micro knob, user can make a 360 ° rotation clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • The X-axis knob and the Y-axis knob help user adjust the horizontal position back and forth, left and right.

Angle and Height Adjustment

  • User can adjust the height within 1cm by turning the three legs of the adapter.
  • The built-in horizontal bubble helps user adjust the angle and accuracy.
  • The fine tuning function enables user to adjust the position of the laser tool on uneven or sloping surface.

1/4 “-20 Male and 5/8” -11 Female

  • 1/4 “-20 male thread is suitable for all types of tools supplied with a 1/4” mounting size.
  • 5/8 “-11 female thread allows attachment to a tripod, laser telescope holder or other tools.
  • User can install the laser tool on a tripod without having to remove the adapter.

Durable and User-friendly Design

  • This adapter is made of durable aluminum and can withstand the wear and stress of any jobsite.
  • It has thicker and stronger metal bearings, will not shake and be more stable when attached to heavy loads.
  • The soft rubber on each knob is designed to keep it from slipping when rotating the knob.
  • Three tapered legs fit for various construction sites.
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