Huepar DT03CG+ 3×360° Dual Slope Function Cross Line Self-Leveling 3D Green Beam Laser Level with Receiver

  • ELECTRONIC SELF-LEVELING 3 X 360 LINE LASER: This laser level features electronic self-leveling with ± 1/17 inch at 33Ft high accuracy. One 360° horizontal and two 360° vertical laser lines can be selected individually depends on job site applications. Two vertical lines cross at 90°angles makes user quickly visualize and finish square layout. This 360 laser level is a complete level tool as well as an alignment laser aids in full layout.
  • SLOPE FUNCTION IN MANUAL MODE: Manual mode features dual-slope function allowing users to perform slope ± 3.5°in X and Y axis as well as locking lines at any angle. The dual-slope mode works perfectly when check grade, set drainage, or do other slope work. Included adaptable metal base makes it possible for exact laser line positioning. DT03G is a great laser tool for any job from DIY to large commercial construction, and everything in between.

Product Description

  • TRIPLE POWER TECHNOLOGY: The laser level employed the included large capacity lithium battery for extended run-time, or with 4 AA alkaline batteries. In addition, this laser tool can be used at job site with direct input charging when take out the batteries. Users can charge the battery independently with the battery charger included.
  • BRIGHT GREEN BEAM & PULSE MODE: 4X brighter Green LD Laser than red beam makes it a great tool for large job-sites. A power-saving pulse mode extends laser range up to 200Ft when use with Receiver (included) in bright light or outdoor conditions and longer working time. Visibility adjustment function enables users to select the line brightness in different light conditions.
  • DURABLE DESIGN: Over-molded metal laser window with IP54 enables users to work well in hazardous working environment.

Huepar DT03CG 3 x 360 Green Beam Laser Specifications:

  • Laser Class: Class 2 (IEC/EN60825-1/2014), <1mW power output
  • Leveling Method: Electronic Leveling H&V
  • Laser Wavelength: 505-520nm (Green LD Laser)
  • Horizontal/Vertical Accuracy: ± 1/17 inch at 33Ft
  • Self-Leveling Range: ± 3.5°
  • Slope Capability: Dual (± 3.5°)
  • Working Distance (Line): 130Ft (100 LUX), 200Ft with receiver (Receiver included)
  • Power source: Li-ion battery & 4×˝AA˝ (LR6) batteries
  • Operating Time with Lithium Battery: 7 hours with all laser beams on
  • Operating Time with AA Batteries: 2 hours with all laser beams on
  • IP Rating: IP54
  • Operation Temperature Range: 14℉ ~ 113℉ (-10℃~ 45℃)
  • Mount Size: 5/8″-11

Electronic Self-leveling mode:

  • With smart electronic leveling sensor, Huepar dt03cg with a higher accuracy up to ± 1/17 inch at 33Ft.
  • The self-leveling mode will be activated automatically after power on.
  • The power indicator will blink quickly in red light if the tool is placed improperly, or the slope of instrument exceeds the range ±3.5°.
  • Please place the device on a level surface when use in self-leveling mode.

Manual mode:

  • Press and hold the manual mode button for >3 seconds to turn on the manual mode, then users can place the laser tool at any angle to project non-level straight lines.
  • The laser beam will blink every 3-5 seconds to remind users that it’s not self-leveling now.

3 x 360° Multiple Line Switching Functions

  • Huepar dt03cg allows users to line up level, align, square and plumb by generating three 360° laser planes –one horizontal and two vertical lines.
  • The one 360° horizontal and two 360° vertical laser lines can be selected individually depends on job site applications.
  • Three 360°Laser Lines can be Selected Freely: Short press button H to switch ON/OFF the horizontal line; Short press button V to switch two vertical lines.

Pulse Mode (Receiver Included)

  • Pulse mode extends the working range up to 200Ft when using with the included receiver.
  • The included three-sided laser receiver makes it easier to detect the laser beam when work outside or in bright conditions.

Dual Slope Function

  • Electronic dual-slope function allows users to perform slope within ± 3.5°. This dual-slope mode works perfectly when checking grade, setting drainage, landscaping-terracing or other slope work.
  • In manual mode, keep pressing and holding H or V button to adjust slope in both X and Y axis.

Triple Power Supply

  • This laser level 360 utilizes the included large capacity lithium battery or 4 AA batteries.
  • This laser level 360 comes with battery charger to recharge the battery independently.
  • Direct plugged application: After removing the batteries, the tool can be used directly by plugged in.
  • The battery is not being charged in the device when connected to the power adapter.

Adjustable Line Visibility

  • Visibility adjustment function enables users to select the line brightness in different light conditions.
  • Step 1: Press V >2s enter into visibility adjust mode
  • Step 2: Short press V or H to adjust the visibility
  • Step 3: Press V >2s to exit the mode and save the change

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Huepar DT03G Green Beam Laser
  • 1 x Receiver and Receiver Clamp
  • 1 x Adaptable Metal Base
  • 1 x Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • 1 x Battery Charger
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 4 x AA (LR6) Batteries
  • 1 x AA Battery Holder
  • 1 x Magnetic Target & 1 x Marking Target
  • 2 x User Manuals & 1 x Hard Carry Case
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