Huepar LR5RG – Laser Detector/Line Laser Receiver

HUEPAR DEDICATED RECEIVER – Huepar LR-5RG receiver can ONLY be used with Huepar Line Laser Levels that have Pulse Mode Function‼ Please note the the receiver can NOT be used with Rotary Laser Level‼ And the receiver can NOT be used with Huepar 9011G&9211G laser level‼ It is recommended to use the laser level detector in accompany with Huepar 901CG/902CG, BOX-1G/R, 8211G, 621CG/R, 622CG/R, 602CG/R, 603CG/R, GF360G/R, etc. 

Product Description

  • AVAILABLE FOR RED AND GREEN PULSE LASER – It is NECESSARY to Turn ON the Pulse Mode of the Laser Level when using with Huepar LR-5RG laser receiver‼ The laser level detector/ receiver allows detection of Red and Green pulse laser beams in difficult light conditions, distances up to 200 feet.
  • Large Reception Window & Dual LCD Display – Large reception window of 2 inches and optical and acoustic signals help to locate the laser plane quickly and accurately. Dual LCD displays for easy visual readout on both sides of the receiver. LCD backlight provides a clear look even in low light conditions. Adjust the height until the horizontal datum line and the arrow disappear on the LCD display.
  • PRECISE OPTICAL AND ACOUSTIC SIGNALS – This laser level detector/laser receiver features a user-friendly interface and is smart in its simple design. Optical and acoustic signals help to locate the laser plane quickly and accurately. The LED indicator provides a clear and accurate signal. Beep sounds will remind you when you find the target.
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE AND CLAMP HOLDER – The laser level receiver comes with 2 x AA battery, providing you with about 20 working hours. There is also an automatic shut-off feature that power down the device after about 10 minutes of being idle to extend battery life. The attached heavy-duty clamp makes it easy to mount the detector to a rod or other target point.

!! Please note NOT compatible with Rotary Laser Level!!!!!!!!

!! Please be aware that this laser level detector is compatible with pulse induction laser levels only!!!!!!!!

!! This laser receiver can NOT be used for Huepar 9011G/9211G/FL360R/FL360G/8300G!!!!!!!!

!! If you are not sure whether it suits for your laser tool, please confirm with us before you place an order!!!!!!!!

Laser Class: Class 2 (IEC/EN60825-1/2014) <1mW power output.

Huepar LR-5RG Laser Detector Specifications:

  • Pulse duration: 50 μs ; PWM: 5:5
  • Frequency: 10KHz (Matched PWM and frequency, Line lasers can work with LR-5RG Laser Receiver)
  • Display: Dual LCD Display
  • Leveling Accuracy (High): ≤2mm(1/13in)
  • Leveling Accuracy (Low): ≤3mm(1/9in)
  • Working Distance: 130ft~200ft (typical) depend on light source
  • Operating Time: 20 hours; Auto Power Off (with No Signal Detected): 10min
  • Power Source: 2*AA Batteries (Alkaline)
  • Dimension (LxWxH): 140mm×68mm×26mm; Weight: 140g

Using Tips

● Put the laser level in Pulse (Outdoor) Mode!!!!!!!!!!!

● Made sure your laser level could used in accompanied with Huepar Receiver!!!!!!!!!!!

● Made sure the laser level and the Receiver windows were clean.

● Recheck the batteries in both devices (Laser level & Huepar Laser Receiver).

● Recommended for using with Huepar 902CG, 901CG, 8211G, BOX-1G/R, GF360G/R, 622CG/R, 621CG/R, 603CG/R, 602CG/R, B03CG, B02CG, B21CG, 503CG, 503DG Laser Level.

● Can NOT be used with Huepar 9011G & 9211G laser level!!!!!!!!!

LCD Icons

Move the Detector as the Direction Shown:

● Datum Lower than Laser Beam – Move Up

● Datum Higher than Laser Beam – Move Down

● When Datum in Line with Laser Beam – The Direction becomes a Line

Buzzer Remind

A beeping tone signals that the laser beam has been detected:

● A slower beeping tone signals – Move Up

● A fast beeping tone signals – Move Down

Can toggle through the volume, or turn on Mute.

Humanized Function

It boasts a dual-sided LCD display, backlight and battery status. Can toggle through the volume and accuracy. While the accuracy mode allows you to switch between HIGH and LOW.

Built-in Bubble and Holder

LR-5RG Laser Detector comes complete with a compatible rod mounting bracket.

A built-in bubble level provides an extra measure of leveling accuracy.

High Quality

Robust and built tough to last, the laser detector is durably constructed with a hard plastic housing and rubber casing for long-term use, as well as protection against wet weather conditions when working outdoors.

Package Includes:

  • 1*Huepar LR-5RG Digital Laser Detector
  • 1*Heavy-duty clamp
  • 2*AA batteries
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